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Stroopwafel Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream Recipe

lex's no more rack surgery fund



i am trying yet again to raise money for top surgery. at this juncture of my life I have no opportunity to save, but I want to stop hating my body. I want to stop starving myself in hopes my chest will shrink. I want to stop wishing I could die. I want to feel confident leaving my house and work toward better health, it’s ironic that less than 10 pounds of flesh can inhibit me like this. I’ve set the fundraising to all or nothing: if I don’t meet my goal by September, no one gets charged. It’s safer for everyone that way.

Please help me by donating or signal boosting. I can’t do this alone.

Please help out my partner if you can. No money for donations? No problem, just a signal boost would mean a ton. We’ve tried this in the past and life kind of happened and got in the way and money went to staying afloat (barely). So this time they decided an all or nothing route would be the best. I can’t stress or put into words how important this is to Lex. Please, anything you can do would be huge. 

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senkiya by yukki.m on Flickr.
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Aerial view of Midtown Manhattan looking south with smog. July 1943 (via)
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Got a cute baby and a nice eyebrow